Intellin™ System

Helping people live better with diabetes

Intellin is a web based, personalised educational platform

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- diabetes pathway improvement system

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) to develop an individualised risk matrix
  • Web based platform for the person with diabetes to input their data, receive hints, tips reminders and see visually how they are performing
  • Dashboard for the HCP/insurer so that they can see what interventions have been completed

Our Vision

At Gendius we use technology to measure and improve outcomes for patients with chronic diseases.

Our solutions are made in collaboration with patients and healthcare professionals, so that we truly understand their needs. We then use our experience from the Pharmaceutical Industry to test our solutions so that we know they can help improve outcomes.

Professional Benefits

About Us

Our background is in Pharmaceuticals and Health Economics. We bring the disciplines of proving efficacy and value, through clinical trials and evidence, to the mobile health market.


Chris Genders - CEO

Chief Executive Officer

An experienced Sales Director within the Pharmaceutical Industry. As a diabetic, Chris had the idea to set up a business that would help people focus on their areas of highest risk. Chris brings an understanding of what it is like to have diabetes and a view of how this can be improved – created from his own experience but also from working in the Pharmaceutical Diabetes area for many years with Healthcare Professionals and other people with diabetes. Intellin is the result of Chris’ dedication and passion.

Rory Cameron - COO

Chief Operating Officer

Rory has a proven track record in starting up Pharmaceutical businesses in many different specialised sectors. Rory’s most recent role was as SVP and GM at InterMune UK&I where he set up the UK and Irish businesses over a 4 year period until their successful acquisition by Roche. Rory’s background is in Sales and Marketing and he has a passion for ensuring we improve the delivery of care to patients.

Academic Advisors

Prof Richard Donnelly

Professor of Medicine at Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, UK

Richard’s primary interests are in the vascular complications of diabetes and cardiovascular therapeutics. He is also Editor-in-chief of Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism a journal that focuses on clinical and experimental pharmacology and therapeutics.

Dr May Meleigy

Medical Health Writer at Dasman Diabetes Institute

May has a PhD in immunology and writes about various health topics including diabetes, other chronic diseases, nutrition and lifestyle choices, as well as positive psychology. May enjoys translating scientific research into layman's language, to educate and raise awareness to improve health and prevent disease. She has written pieces in BMJ and appeared on TV as a guest speaker on Orascom TV, Kuwaiti TV and CBC Egypt.

Dr Judith Anders


Judith qualified as a podiatrist in 1994 and worked as a specialist diabetes podiatrist treating patients with chronic foot ulcers. Following completion of her MSc in Practitioner Research Methods, she moved into industry where she led a diabetic foot health awareness programme, working closely with people with diabetes, HCP’s and experts in patient information. In 2013 Judith was awarded her PhD entitled “Undertaking Perceptions of Foot Health in Diabetes” which she completed at Lancaster University. She is passionate about improving preventative foot care for people with diabetes through effective education and support.

Jacqui Moran

Diabetes Specialist Dietitian at NHS and Lead Sports Nutritionist at Loughborough College

Jacqui, in addition to her role at Loughborough, educates people with diabetes on nutritional strategies to improve blood sugar control both in group settings and 1:1 consultations. She also provides support and advice for people with diabetes in hospital consultant led clinics.

Helen May

Diabetes Blog Writer

Helen is an experienced Technical Project, Product and Sales Manager within the telecommunications market. Helen was diagnosed in her mid thirties with type 1 whilst getting on with full and busy life. Helen writes a blog for Diabetes UK, in which she advocates , through personal experience, the belief that diabetes does not prohibit a full and adventurous life.

Healthcare & Academic Partners

Healthcare & Academic Partners will appear here shortly

Diabetes is a complex disease

Diabetes is a chronic disease in which insulin production and/or tissue sensitivity to insulin is impaired. As a result, circulating blood sugar (glucose) levels rise (i.e. hyperglycemia, an excess of sugar in the bloodstream).

Normally, when we eat or drink, the carbohydrates in our diet are digested and broken down into small sugar molecules called glucose. Glucose is then absorbed into the bloodstream, so that it can supply energy to various tissues and organs throughout the body, especially the muscles, brain and liver cells. The amount of glucose produced from a particular food or drink depends on its glycemic index (see Glycemic Index below). Examples of carbohydrates include starchy foods such as potatoes, bread, pasta, oats, fruits and vegetables.

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