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La la la la…..

January 23, 2017. Post by Chris Genders.

I thought that the above was an interesting observation- and I also like the picture of the owl. Albert Einstein said that he never remembered stuff that he could look up – and clever as he was, he didn’t even invent the Internet. Maybe we are heading to a point where no-one will ever learn …

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The Dark Side of Diabetes

September 2, 2016. Post by Chris Genders.

Diabetes is so misunderstood. If you get told you have cancer, the first question you ask is ‘How long have I got Doc?’ Diabetes means you’ve got high blood sugar – sweet…..No problem eh? You get a diabetic foot ulcer and your odds of living more than 5 years are less than if you’d just …

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mobile health (mHealth) –a huge opportunity or a road to nowhere?

September 2, 2016. Post by Chris Genders.

As recently as June 2016, the CEO of the American Medical Association accused mobile health (mHealth) – and medical ‘apps’ in particular – as nothing better than ‘snake oil’. Address to the House of Delegates at the American Medical Association (AMA) Annual Meeting, AMA CEO James L Madara, M.D. June 2016 Is his point a valid …

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Quotes from patients

September 2, 2016. Post by Judith Anders.

Who listens when they’re 28 to what you’re going to be like when you’re 60? – well you don’t do you Initially I did what I was supposed to do and then gradually I slipped back into my old ways Sticking a pin in myself twice a day is OK, I can cope with that …

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