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DNA Weekly Feature - Identify Diabetes Risk Factors Early With Intellin Health Tracking App

DNA weekly Feature

We are so pleased to have an interview with Gendius's CEO and Co-Founder Rory Cameron featured on DNA Weekly! Take a look at a short snapshot below:

'The Intellin® app by Gendius is designed to gather disease-specific information from Diabetes patients and identify personal areas of risk. In this interview, CEO Rory Cameron discusses how healthcare data can contribute to the early identification of risk factors and save patients lives.

Let’s begin with some background about Gendius. How did it start and how has it evolved so far?

My background is in pharmaceuticals. I spent many years working and leading various pharmaceutical companies. Six years ago, my colleague, Chris, was diagnosed with diabetes. At the time, he was working for a pharmaceutical company that sold diabetes drugs, so he was having discussions with professionals about diabetes practically every day. If anyone could manage diabetes, it would be him. It was his experience that led us to start moving into digital health together.

Quite soon into that journey, he had his first diabetic foot ulcer. The chances of staying alive five years after having a first diabetic foot ulcer are about 50%. It just transforms your outlook in terms of where you’re going. Since then, he’s had a mild heart attack as well. He was then prescribed a whole suite of drugs and changes he should be making to protect his heart.

That raised a lot of questions about how it could have been identified earlier. It was with all those questions that we set up the company with a mission to transform the way we manage and understand the complications of chronic disease.

Today, our business has two sides. One is the Intellin® platform and the other is the algorithms that we’re developing. At some point next year, we will look to embed some of those algorithms into our own platform, as well as other platforms.

Our main focus at the beginning was diabetes, but we’re now looking at chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular disease as well. What most people don’t know is that these diseases cause a whole load of other complications. We wanted to understand this better and to be able to flag patients earlier so we could help with early interventions. Our mission is to prevent the complications of chronic disease.

We started off by speaking to various patient groups and ended up developing an app-based platform that would try to make living with diabetes a little easier.

Lately, we’ve been moving into the whole area of risk prediction, which is a really exciting part of where Gendius is going. We are now looking at nearly 60,000 health records including retrospective datasets over a 10 year period. We are trying to find the metabolic markers that may predict if someone is going to have chronic kidney disease or cardiovascular disease over the next one to five years. Early identification enables early intervention and hopefully prevents some of these complications from occurring.

Currently, we are working with AstraZeneca to release our platform in the Gulf region. We also have a global project with them that is looking at chronic kidney disease risk.'

You can read the full feature here!

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