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Gendius announces launch of Intellin®

Diabetes app to prevent complications from diabetes

Alderley Park, UK – 10th  January 2019.

The NHS spends 10% of its budget or £14 billion on treating diabetes and its complications. Today Gendius announced the availability of Intellin® on the Google Play and Apple App stores. Intellin® enables people to track how they are managing their diabetes with the unique benefit of telling individuals their risk of developing complications from their diabetes.

Intellin® acts as an electronic diary allowing an individual to input how they are managing their diabetes. During the set up you are taken through three sections of background questions and the App uses these to generate a risk profile. The app then sends daily hints and tips on how to prevent these complications. The platform has been built after extensive collaboration with people with diabetes and healthcare professionals.

Gendius co-founder, Rory Cameron said:

This is a turning point for the company after 3 years of research and development. We now have a product in the market place that will help individuals manage their diabetes and their future complications.

Gendius co-founder, Chris Genders said:

After being diagnosed with diabetes 14 years ago it is great to now see an App on the market place that is unique and based around the individuals needs. Everyone’s diabetes is different but the complications we go onto develop are the same’.

Intellin® has been created to help people with diabetes live better with their condition. Intellin® allows users to track their blood sugars, carbohydrate intake, body mass index, insulin dosages etc, but more importantly, gives an insight into how the individual’s diabetes may progress.

You can download Intellin®

Gendius Limited was incorporated in May 2013 and is registered in England at Companies House. For the first two years, the company was effectively a consultancy. In 2015, Chris Genders (CEO) and Rory Cameron (COO) relaunched the business with a view to operating in the mobile health (mHealth) space.

The vision was to use their extensive pharmaceutical knowledge (see biographies below) to fuse the rigour that clinical trials bring to evidence based outcomes with the potential benefits of the emerging mHealth technology. mHealth with proven efficacy and health economic benefits. Learn more at


Rory Cameron

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