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Gendius partners with to allow users to connect their health records to its smart diabetes management platform

British digital health start-up Gendius is partnering with to allow users to connect their health records to its smart diabetes platform, Intellin®. The deal will mean that users in the UK will be able to download and consent to share their NHS GP health record with the Intellin® platform, using’s private sharing app.

Once connected to, Intellin® will automatically pull users’ health record data into its analysis engine. Accurate health data is particularly important for Intellin®, as unlike many other diabetes tracking apps, it analyses users’ health data to highlight their diabetes risk profile. In this way it can act as a diabetes ‘sat-nav’ to help users to plan for the future, and reduce their risk of developing complications. Identifying and treating diabetes complications early has been highlighted as a key way of improving outcomes for people with diabetes.

Gendius CEO, Rory Cameron, comments, “We are very pleased to be working with to allow our users to link their NHS health record with our Intellin® platform. We know that our users want to be able to link more of their health data into Intellin®, and working with is going to make that possible. It is also an exciting development for our work with the NHS, as this will allow us to work with NHS CCGs and Trusts more easily.”

Dan Bayley, VP Health at, comments, “Our mission at is to empower individuals with data from across their life and enable them to share it on their terms. We are very excited to be partnering with Gendius to add another powerful use case in to the personal data eco-system. The partnership will allow individuals to use the existing technology to share their data, including their NHS record, with the Intellin® platform to gain personalised health insights.”

Users will have full control over any data shared with Intellin® through, and any data shared will be fully GDPR compliant. is already available outside the UK in Iceland, the Netherlands, and the United States, and has plans for continued expansion, which could further expand the number of users able to sync their health record with Intellin®.

Intellin® is now the world’s fastest-growing diabetes management app, with more than 250,000 downloads worldwide, and more than 50,000 active monthly users. Gendius has so far raised over £300,000 on leading crowdfunding platform, Crowdcube, ahead of a planned £5.8 million raise planned for later in 2020.

About Gendius

Gendius is a healthcare technology company based in Greater Manchester. It has developed a platform called Intellin®, which uses an algorithm to help diabetes patients to understand their risk of complications and how to manage them.

About is a new ethical and sustainable way for individuals to take control of their data and privately share with data-driven apps and services. and Personal, which merged in 2017, have been widely recognised since 2009 for pioneering individual control over data while enhancing privacy and security. Our distributed user-centric architecture shifts power to individuals by making it easy for people to aggregate their own data and privately share with apps and companies that play by these new rules.

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