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Gendius’s smart diabetes management platform hits 250,000 downloads as Crowdcube overfunding reaches £250k

  • Gendius has raised over £250,000 on its crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube.
  • Worldwide downloads of Gendius’ market-leading smart diabetes management platform have also reached 250,000.

Manchester, UK – Leading digital health start-up Gendius has raised £250,000 on leading crowdfunding platform, Crowdcube, as downloads of its remote diabetes platform for diabetes, Intellin®, have also reached 250,000. Gendius has now overfunded on Crowdcube by over 500%, with a week remaining on the campaign.

Gendius is developing a range of remote management platforms for diabetes, including Intellin®, which is now the world’s fastest-growing diabetes management app. Unlike many other diabetes tracking apps, Intellin® highlights users’ risk profiles, to help users to plan for the future, and reduce their risk of developing complications.

The Crowdcube campaign is the start of a £5.8 million investment round for Gendius, which will be used to accelerate the commercialisation of smart diabetes management platform, Intellin®. This accelerated commercialisation will include a planned series of app upgrades, the further development of its AI technology based on clinical data, and the signing of multiple B2B deals with Pharma, insurance, and healthcare institutions.

In addition to the high download rate across the world, the Intellin® platform has also received strong support from healthcare professionals, including from Dr Tom Micklewright, GP, who reviewed Intellin® as one of the top-scoring diabetes apps on the ORCHA App Library.

“[Intellin®] is an incredibly comprehensive tracking tool for monitoring a huge range of different variables that matter to diabetics. The most valuable bit is you can go to the priorities section off the app. It flags the high-risk areas, explains that risk, and then offers tailored advice to the patient. There is also a clinicians’ dashboard, which allows doctors to see all of their diabetic patients at once, and to deep dive into the individual patient’s results in order to see what their diabetic management is like. The overview it gives you is far clearer than anything we have got at the moment in general practice.[i]

Gendius recently announced a partnership with AstraZeneca to develop its diabetes management technology platform to support patients and healthcare professionals in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries[ii]. Healthcare professionals across the Gulf region will be able to use Gendius’ Intellin® platform to optimise their patients’ diabetes management, in order to reduce the incidence of complications, such as cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, amputation, and blindness.

Unlike many other diabetes tracking apps, the platform highlights risk, and acts as a diabetes ‘sat-nav’ to help users to plan for the future, and reduce the risk of developing complications. Identifying and treating diabetes complications early has been highlighted as a key way of improving outcomes for people with diabetes[iii].

In addition to the continued development and improvement of the remote management platform, Gendius is also developing platforms to support young adults with diabetes, as well as those with gestational diabetes.


About Gendius

Gendius is a healthcare technology company based in Greater Manchester. It has developed a platform called Intellin®, which uses an algorithm to help diabetes patients to understand their risk of complications and how to manage them.




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