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Glycaemic Index

Low GI diets have shown some improvements in HbA1c (2) in Type 2 diabetes.

The glycaemic index is a ranking of carbohydrate based on the overall effect on blood glucose. Slowly absorbed foods have a low GI rating whilst foods that are more quickly absorbed have a higher rating.

Some research has shown benefits of low GI eating   although eating to control your diabetes isn’t just about GI ratings and should not be used in isolation. Again it’s the total amount of carbohydrate which effects blood glucose and to have a balanced diet low in fat, salt and sugar with fruit and plenty of vegetables.

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Choosing LOW GI swop;

Long grain riceBasmati riceWholegrain brown rice

Packs of wholegrain rice and grains eg Quinoa

Pasta and noodles
Baked or mashed potatoesSweet potatoesBoiled new potatoes
White bread and wholemealGranarySeeded


Rice and corn cerealsOat based cereals egmuesli and porridge

Branflakes and those cereals deemed wholegrain

Beans, lentils and pulses are low GI and high in fibre .

If you are interested in starting a lower GI diet a good resource of evidenced based information can be found on the BDA (British Dietetic Association) website:

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