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Intellin - Diabetes management platform

Momentum funding enabled Gendius to conduct a final piece of market research for their innovative platform designed as the “ultimate” app to help diabetics better manage their diabetes.

Intellin is an app-based platform using artificial intelligence and an individual’s clinical history to not only track their diabetes but also predict their risk of developing complications. The platform can help them make decisions to reduce their risk of developing complications by sending specific hints, tips and educational content to live better with diabetes.


The platform began when Gendius CEO Chris Genders used his own experiences of being diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 50 and saw the need to simplify the “noise” around the initial diagnosis of diabetes. The team wanted to create something which would provide quality evidence-based information which is relevant to the individual and their diabetes. It was also important to them to ensure that any intervention or change to the treatment pathway was proven in terms of efficacy and saving costs.


Using funding from Momentum, Gendius completed a final piece of market research to better understand the patient journey and what people with diabetes would want as their “ultimate” app to help manage their diabetes.


Rory Cameron, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Gendius, said:

“The project enabled us to get closer to Research and Development in Salford as well as make some long standing connections for people who now want to help us further develop Intellin.


“The Health Innovation Manchester team were supportive and understanding and they also have lots of useful experiences and contacts.


“We will be launching our commercial version in January and are much more confident that it ‘hits the mark’ based on this research.”

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