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Intellin® remote diabetes management platform named ‘Best mHealth Application of the Year’ 2020

Leading remote diabetes management platform Intellin®, developed by British digital health start-up Gendius, has been named ‘Best mHealth Application of the Year’ in the 2020 Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards. The awards, run by Global Health & Pharma, recognise innovation and forward-thinking in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

Gendius CEO, Rory Cameron, comments, “We are thrilled that our Intellin® platform has been recognised as the leading mHealth application for 2020. With all the unique challenges that have been thrown up by COVID-19 this year, remote management technology is really coming of age, and it is great that it is being recognised by the healthcare and pharma industries.”

Intellin® is designed to help people with diabetes to actively track and monitor their condition. Crucially, is also uses their clinical history to highlight their risk for diabetes-related complications, such as cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, amputation, and blindness. In this way, Intellin® can act as a diabetes ‘sat-nav’ to help users to plan for the future, and reduce their risk of developing serious complications. Identifying and treating diabetes complications early has been highlighted as a key way of improving outcomes for people with diabetes.

Maxine Pamphlett Jones, a nurse working in Occupational Health at Salford Royal Hospital, started using Intellin® after she developed a diabetic foot ulcer. She says, “Even though I work in healthcare myself, I wasn’t able to recognise my foot ulcer when it developed. You don’t get a lot of educational information as a person with diabetes, beyond the usual stuff about diet and exercise, so it can be hard for people to recognise serious complications.

I am not usually that into apps, but I find Intellin® extremely helpful. The daily tips, which are tailored to you from your clinical history, are great. They might seem like simple things, but having them pop through every day really helps to keep your diabetes management at the front of mind. I also like being able to input my health information and visually track things like my blood sugar.”

Launched in January 2020, Intellin® has already seen outstanding growth, with over 300,000 downloads worldwide, and more than 65,000 monthly active users. Gendius has also seen demand for the Intellin® platform grow as healthcare systems across the world have struggled to help people with diabetes to manage their condition effectively during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In response to the growing need for reliable remote diabetes management technology, Gendius has recently entered into a strategic partnership with AstraZeneca in the Gulf region. The partnership will see healthcare professionals across the Gulf using the Intellin® platform to optimise their patients’ diabetes management. Gendius is also in discussions with a number of NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) about integrating Intellin® into their existing diabetes management schemes.

About Gendius

Gendius is a healthcare technology company based in Greater Manchester. It has developed a platform called Intellin®, which uses an algorithm to help diabetes patients to understand their risk of complications and how to manage them.

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