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Leading diabetes management platform Intellin® expands connectivity to over 150 connected health apps and devices

Leading MedTech start-up Gendius has announced that users of its Intellin® diabetes management platform will now be able to connect to over 150 health apps and medical and wellness devices for free. Once connected, Intellin® will automatically collect data from these apps and devices in order to improve its market-leading diabetes risk analysis. The free access is part of a 30-day free trial of Intellin®’s premium features, and is available to both existing and new users.

The Intellin® platform offers high-level, sophisticated analytics to allow people with diabetes to track and manage their condition more effectively. Using its unique algorithm, Intellin® assesses users’ comprehensive healthcare information, and highlights where users are at risk of developing diabetes complications. Accurate data is crucial for maximising the accuracy and benefits of the Intellin® platform, which is why Gendius has now expanded access to connected health devices for all users.

Intellin® is compatible with more than 150 health apps and medical and wellness devices, ranging from mainstream health tracking devices from Fitbit and Garmin, to more specialist blood glucose monitors, blood pressure cuffs and continuous glucose monitors (CGM).

Intellin® uses the data collected from devices, as well as data manually inputted by the user, to provide tailored, medically approved educational content to help patients manage their diabetes and reduce the likelihood of developing serious complications. Effective remote diabetes management is increasingly vital for people with diabetes during the Covid-19 outbreak. Almost one in three Covid-19 patients who have died in hospital in England have also had diabetes[i].

Gendius’ Co-Founder and CPO, who has type-2 diabetes himself, comments, “I use the Intellin® platform every day. It is fully integrated with my scales, my blood pressure cuff, and my Garmin watch, so that by the time I sit down to breakfast it has already started gathering my key health information for the day. It is so valuable to have all of that information in one place, and the fact that it is gathered automatically puts it head-and-shoulders above other apps which rely on manual entry.”

He continues, “The other key difference when you are using Intellin is that it tells you about your risk profile, and provides clinically validated advice based on that risk. My history of two diabetic foot ulcers and a heart attack means that I am classified as ‘high risk’, so I get very different advice compared to a user who is ‘low risk’. Serious complications from diabetes dramatically worsen your prognosis for the future, so highlighting risk early on can be life-changing.”

With a growing focus on remote management of chronic diseases like diabetes in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, Intellin® has seen rapid and sustained growth. It is now the fastest-growing diabetes management app worldwide, with more than 180,000 downloads from more than 170 countries, and more than 10,000 downloads a week in May 2020.

About Gendius

Gendius is a healthcare technology company based in Greater Manchester. It has developed a platform called Intellin®, which uses an algorithm to help diabetes patients to understand their risk of complications and how to manage them.

The Company raised over £500k in just 48 hours through a Crowdcube campaign in 2019, and is a member of the GM Future Healthcare accelerator.


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