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Pedicure / pamper tips

If you want to pamper your feet by getting a pedicure or using a foot spa then the following information may help:

You can wear nail varnish on your toenails. However if you wear it all the time you might not see any problems with your nails or a nail infection. So, take off and reapply your nail varnish regularly so that you can check your nails and have periods of time when you don’t wear nail varnish at all.

You can also have a pedicure but make sure that you go to someone who is well qualified and who knows how to use beauty treatments on someone who has diabetes. Tell your beauty therapist that you have diabetes when you make the appointment.

Many people with diabetes can also use foot spas with care. Check the temperature of the water to make sure it’s not too hot before you put your feet in. However, if you have been told by your doctor or nurse that you have nerve damage to your feet then don’t use foot spas at all.

Having a tattoo or a piercing on your feet can potentially be very harmful if you have diabetes. This is because of damage to your skin and the risk of infection.

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