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Glycaemic Index

Low GI diets have shown some improvements in HbA1c (2) in Type 2 diabetes. The glycaemic index is a ranking of carbohydrate based...

JACQUI MORAN 12th October 2016

Food Labelling

Main types of food labelling are traffic light labelling and GDA (Guideline Daily Amounts) The traffic light colours on some pack...

JACQUI MORAN 10th October 2016

Pedicure / pamper tips

If you want to pamper your feet by getting a pedicure or using a foot spa then the following information may help: You can wear n...

JUDITH ANDERS 24th September 2016

Annual foot care tips

Go to your annual review – everyone who has diabetes should have their feet checked at their annual review. A healthcare professio...

JUDITH ANDERS 21st September 2016

Tips for toenail care

Cutting your toenails is something that lots of people with diabetes worry about. It can be difficult to do if you can’t bend or r...

JUDITH ANDERS 18th September 2016

Special occasion footwear tips

If you’re going to a party or a wedding, then the shoes you wear everyday probably won’t be right to go with whatever you’re weari...

JUDITH ANDERS 16th September 2016

Footwear tips

Before you put them on every day, turn your shoes or slippers upside down and give them a shake to get rid of any small stones or ...

JUDITH ANDERS 14th September 2016

Daily foot care tips

Looking after your feet is something best done every day. But it’s something which doesn’t take long – in fact just a few minutes ...

JUDITH ANDERS 12th September 2016

Monthly foot care tips

When you go shopping for shoes these tips may help: Always try your shoes on before you buy them. The best time of day to buy is ...

JUDITH ANDERS 10th September 2016

Weekly foot care tips

Any areas of skin on your feet and toes could become damaged but there are some places where your skin is more at risk. These are ...

JUDITH ANDERS 2nd September 2016